About Project

If the Ukrainian castles could speak, they would say to us – a farewell... but we decided to change it ...

In Ukraine, there are about 5000 fortifications, officially state-owned, but in fact, they are unattended. They used to be the guards of our lands and now they are on the brink of destruction.

The project "12 Guards" is an attempt to stop the destruction time.

This project is created to disrupt the area of indifference and to join the guards who have been helping to save the castle for a long time already. These people have already changed the world by protecting the historical monuments step by step. These real guards started doing what they could on their own. They clean up, take care, and repair castles and palaces.

The project "12 Guards" is our attempt to get involved and to help the castles survive. And we are going to make it by well-considered available ways.

Shootings, recordings, collecting stories and photos.

We will gather together everything we can find and show the world small stories about strength and great actions, about centuries and life, about hatred and resurrection from ruins, about love and despair - about usual human life.

About Ukraine and its history. About people. About our national heritage.

Usage of the concession law is a way out from the area of neglecting.

We are going to implement the following steps: to find and show examples of successful concessions which operate as a business; to conduct an all-Ukrainian competition for the best idea of concession among the youth; to increase awareness on this phenomenon and convey the message that Ukrainian castles and palaces are more than able to survive and they can become successful. This is why your castle is waiting for you. You should only choose.

Social tourism is what anyone can do. It is easy to arrive, to pick up garbage, to replace broken glass. We want these small steps to become mainstream. We would like the guards to become the new superheroes. # youaretheguard.

Souvenir products as a way for a castle to make a living.

We are going to sell high-quality souvenir products inspired by stories and legends of the castles. All the money from selling the products will go to the castles and palaces.

The Charity fund as the main guard All sponsors, partners, and friends who are willing and able to help us can do so transparently through our organization which will provide the castles and palaces with targeted assistance in small particular actions. # let’sguardthecastletogether.

Tell us what you want to do! - specific help and answers to specific questions.  As soon as new concessionaires appear, we are going to provide all possible assistance and support to them.

The film is about castles, shootings, guards, and the fact that life goes on when you take care of it. Premiere.

And the continuation.

Because our castles and palaces are an everlasting story.

We are a country of amazing castles!

So let's open them to the whole world!

Officially public but alienated
the castles having obtained the names of historical monuments are now left without a chance to be restored. These buildings are protected by volunteers. Those who had the honor of being born nearby.