About 12 Vartovykh Charitable Foundation

12 Vartovykh Charitable Foundation 2023 project Sterilization missions Kherson + Chornobaivka

The 12 Vartovykh Charitable Foundation (12 Guards) was established in 2019 as a foundation with a focus on the revival of cultural heritage. The foundation’s work included the restoration of Ukrainian castles. Particularly it were the Shariv Palace in the Kharkiv region, the Hunting Palace of Count Shuvalov in the Cherkasy region, and educational work to promote the castle heritage. 12 Vartovykh have been featured in such publications as the Kyiv Post, The Village Ukraine, Inspired, AIN, MC.today and Hromadske.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all castle revitalization projects were put on hold. And since the beginning of russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, the foundation’s team has been working as volunteers for people and animals in the de-occupied territories of Ukraine.

Therefore, we decided to renew the work of the foundation to systematically work for the victory of Ukraine and its future.

During this period, the 12 Vartovykh team, together with our partners, has carried out more than 30 humanitarian missions. At the moment, we are focusing on Kyiv, Kherson, Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Chernihiv regions. Throughout the year, in partnership with Ukrainian and international foundations, we have been providing assistance to civilians, military, and IDPs. And – separately – to animals – in the form of sterilization missions in the territories where the crisis situation with stray animals has developed as a result of hostilities.

We are very pleased and grateful that our foundation is supported by such partners as Tiernothilfe Ukraine e.V., NGO “City of Strength”, Save Pets of Ukraine, U-Hearts Foundation, Nova Ukraine, Zhittelyub, Work.ua and many others.

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The results of the foundation’s activities can be found in our reports.