The purpose of the project and the reports

12 Guards is a social project on the restoration of Ukrainian castles.

The purpose of the project: to help restore and stop the destruction of the architectural landmarks. Anybody interested in guarding our heritage can join the project and become castle guards. You are the guard!

The funds from the sale of souvenirs will be spent on the following:

  • shootings, recordings, collecting stories and photos about our castles and project activities;
  • creating a film about castles;
  • organizing volunteer cleanups around and inside the castles;
  • manufacturing of the souvenir products;
  • Organization and development of social tourism and other goals and activities.

The report on the collection and spending of funds

The number of project participants and the activities carried out will be constantly published on the site and everyone will be able to receive comprehensive information on the course of 12 GUARDS project .

We are a country of amazing castles!

So let's open them to the whole world!

Officially public but alienated
the castles having obtained the names of historical monuments are now left without a chance to be restored. These buildings are protected by volunteers. Those who had the honor of being born nearby.